Caricias is fascinating, not fitting into any neat genres or boxes. You get the drift: this is fieldwork turned into contemporary, experimental folk song.’ – SONGLINES

‘Minimalistic layers that open a sort of mystical dimension in the spirit of magical realism.’ – MLADINA

Her impressive performance can quench any desire, thirst or hunger for love.’ – ODZVEN

‘Wonderful music from Slovenia. I suggest you lose yourself in melancholy.’ – BBC WORLD 3

Otherworldly voice filled with warmth and power.’ – MUSIC TRAVELER

Kamlisajlan is a very brave album. Because it presents 10 Rroma poems, performed in Rromani; because the poets come from Kosovo, Serbia, Poland etc.; because it’s not about the gypsy music that we are used to hearing with Gypsy Kings or Goran Bregović; because of its complex structures, the subtle and non dramatic interpretation and the sublime (post) production the songs will not be heard on Slovenian radio stations; despite all that (or maybe precisely because of that), Kamlisajlan is one of the least calculating Slovenian albums of the year and at the same time one of the best Slovenian albums of the year.’ – DELO

‘Katja Šulc created a wonderful and convincing embodiment of original and traditional Rroma poems. The magic lies in whispering, tender chirping and murmuring that revive traditional Rroma poetry in a modern and accessible form. The color of Rromani sounds so natural as it would have been her mother tongue.’ – RADIO ŠTUDENT

Kamlisajlan by Katja Šulc could serve as a soundtrack to Kusturica movie, spice up the atmosphere in a smoky basement club, hypnotize a group of people set around the fire, enlighten an evening program of a sophisticated radio program. It’s the sound of gypsy blues in 2016.’ – ODZVEN

The Latin American sensibility obviously suits her voice and interpretation. The result is not ‘just another’ album of gypsy music. Even though we are witnessing the clash of two seemingly quite opposite cultures, Gypsy and Mexican, the collision of the two feels natural, even spontaneous and at the same time intriguing.’ – ODZVEN

‘An extraordinary woman, proud of her eclecticism, whose energy and life path resemble a crossbreed of Patti Smith and Frida Kahlo.’ – RADIO SARAJEVO

‘In the music scene where its main protagonist often lean to over appearing, Katja Šulc is a sort of a sage who rarely speaks up, but always in the right moment, using few words and a lot of emotion.’ – SIOL

‘We could say that Katja Šulc is a kind of angelite infusing a feeling of elegance, maturity and peace.’ – MLADINA