‘Kamlisajlan is a very brave album. Because it presents 10 Rromani poems, performed in Rromani; because the poets come from Kosovo, Serbia, Poland etc.; because it’s not about the gypsy music that we are used to hearing with Gypsy Kings or Goran Bregović; because of its complex structures, the subtle and non dramatic interpretation and the sublime (post) production the songs will not be heard on Slovenian radio stations; despite all that (or maybe precisely because of that), Kamlisajlan is one of the least calculating Slovenian albums of the year and at the same time one of the best Slovenian albums of the year.’ – Delo

‘The velvety female voice is mostly enveloped in chord silhouettes that bypass the listener with the heat of a Hispanic sky. The sound of the violin of Mexican musician Alban Usatch softly pours through the arrangements, like the ice cubes through the solar body. With Alban Usatch Katja Šulc created a wonderful and convincing embodiment of original and traditional Rromani poems. The magic lies in the whispering, the tender chirping and murmuring that revive the original Rromani poetry in a more contemporary and amiable shape. At moments it seams that the color of Rromani language is so close to the singer that it could even be her mother tongue. Along with the instrumental accompaniment Katja Šulc sensually plays with words and vocals and at the same time remains strong and convincing with the performance and the embracement of the content of the poems.’ – Radio Študent

‘In the music scene where its main protagonist often lean to over appearing, Katja Šulc is a sort of a sage who rarely speaks up, but always in the right moment, using few words, but, in her case, a lot of emotion.’ – Siol

‘We could say that Katja is some kind of angelite, infusing a feeling of elegance, maturity and peace. A while ago we could hear her in a noble surroundings of theatre Glej and check out her authentic originality and poetics and we can easily say that the band is even stronger in live appearance than on the recording.’ – Mladina

‘TWISTED DELIGHT represents a real refreshment, we could even say that this album is finally bringing back the dignity to female pop music in Slovenia.’ – Dnevnik

‘Playful, convincing and scarily accomplished.’ – Siol

‘Katja Šulc, the sensual magician of voices … Her singing makes the poems of Mila Kačič fly.’ – Eva

‘Katja chose the poems of Mila Kačič, invited top musicians and together they coated Mila’s poetry in music. And when you dress a beautiful thing in a garment just as beautiful, the result cannot be less than wonderful. The poetry of Mila Kačič, sensual, full of color, intense and rich in sound, can now be heard even stronger … even though it was set to music in the most delicate manner.’ – VAL 202