Katja Šulc is a Slovenian singer, songwriter, who studied music at the New School in New York, the Jazz & Contemporary music program. Moving between jazz, folk, world music, hypnotic soul, dub and electronica her work intertwines poetry with music.

Her debut album MILA (Sanje, 2008) set to music the poems of beloved Slovenian poetess Mila Kačič, in a blend of tender lyrical poetry, contemporary chanson and melodic jazz grooves. Her second album TWISTED DELIGHT (Celinka, 2013) features Katja’s own poetic lyrics originating from poetry workshops in New York. Finding an inspiring music match in DJ/producer Pier (RootsInSession) the creative collision resulted in a musically diverse record reaching from hypnotic dub and soul to r’n’b and reggae roots. Accompanied by music videos created by prominent Slovenian directors the album made a buzz and led to the nomination for MTV European Music Awards. Her third album KAMLISAJLAN  (Casete México, 2016) is based on contemporary gypsy poetry from Balkans and Eastern Europe.  The poems, written by Stahiro, Papusza, Rajko Djurić, Ali Krasnići and others, are performed in Rromani. The music was composed together with Mexican musician Alban Usatch using live-looping and simple, almost folk like melodies and chord changes, enveloped in repetitive world music rhythm patterns.  Hypnotic and entrancing. The release concert at the renowned world music festival Druga godba successfully embarked Kamlisajlan on its long journey. An electronic version KAMLISAJLAN REMIXED (Casete México, 2017) followed a year later, created in collaboration with several foreign and Slovenian producers.

For the past few years Katja Šulc has been presenting her music intensively, regionally and further – in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Macedonia, Austria, Italy, France, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Mexico, Guatemala and China.