Singer, songwriter moving between poetry and music. Her new album KAMLISAJLAN (Casete México, 2016) is based on contemporary gypsy poetry from the Balkans and Eastern Europe.


‘One of the least calculating and at the same time one of the best Slovenian albums of the year.’ – Marko Milosavljević, Delo

‘A wonderful and convincing embodiment of original and traditional Rromani poems. The magic lies in the whispering, the tender chirping and murmuring that revive the original Rromani poetry in a more contemporary and amiable shape. – Mojca Teržan, Radio Študent

‘In the music scene where its main protagonists often lean to over appearing, Katja Šulc is a sort of a sage, who rarely speaks up, but always in the right moment, using few words, but in her case, a lot of emotion.’ – Deja Crnović, Siol